Christmas Exams 2020

Christmas Exams 2020

Christmas Exams 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As you may be aware, Christmas exams in Davis College have traditionally been held in the school hall where large numbers of students sat formal exams. Due to Covid 19 we will not be able to hold exams in this manner this year. However, we are holding Christmas exams. Please see below for the format for this year.

Exams for 1st, 2nd 4th, 5th year groups will be held between 7th and the 18th December (please note we are closed on the 11th December as per school calendar but we are open on the 14th December which had been scheduled as being a school closure.)

  1. Students will continue to follow their normal timetables and exams will take place in class time. Some teachers may use a double class period to give an exam or others may choose to give a different part of an exam over a few single classes.
  2. Please note exams are now only 4 weeks away.
  3. Guidance on study is available on our website at

To avoid students ending up with too many exams in any one week the following schedule is in place


7th-11th the following exams will take place

14-18th the following exams will take place

1st Year


History and their 3 options

2nd Year

4 options subjects


4th Year

4 Options subjects


5th Year


4 Options

Non Exam Subjects at Junior Cert.

CSPE/PE/SPHE/Digital Media

These subjects will not have Christmas exams as these subjects are assessed over three years in the form of Class Based Assessments. Students do not sit an exam in these subjects at Junior Cert.

Non Exam Classes

  • TYs and LCAs classes are finishing on Friday 18th


On the 18th we plan to create a Christmas atmosphere where we will run our annual Christmas Jumper/non uniform day. We ask for €2 per student (voluntary) and all proceeds go to charity.

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