School Awards 2024

School Awards 2024

Davis College Award Ceremony was held on Wednesday 24th April last and acknowledged the achievements of students across academic, sporting, charitable and cultural activities. As is now the norm the awards this year were held in the evening with parents and family invited. Guest speaker on the evening was Chairperson of the Board of Management Mr. Noel O’Connor who acknowledged the achievements of the students. Principal Stephen Gilbert while acknowledging student achievements complimented parents who have put so much into the lives of their children. Awards were given for exceptional achievements across every all subject areas. Sporting talent was also acknowledged with special recognition given to the U19 All Ireland winning Volleyball team. Special recognition awards were presented to five students who raised almost €14,000 for the Hope Foundation and who travelled to Calcutta just prior to Easter. The past pupil award went to Barromie Fullah who was a key contributor to Model United Nations and Student Council during her school years. She has gone to do a degree in pollical science and has been elected to as the Equality and Diversity representative in the UCC student union. Leah Wallace received the Credit Union for her contribution to the community while Cormac Shanahan and Saoirse Murray both received the Principal’s award for their contribution to school life over the past six years. The ceremony was started and finished by the Davis College school Choir. Our thanks to everyone who attended what was a very positive evening.

Class Awards

First Year

Orla Ryan -Murphy, Sophie Bradley, Abbey Aherne, Joshna Vilangiyil, Ethan Alba Kerrigan, Joseph Lehane, Ellen Barry

Second Year

Anita Pekaka, Matthew Dunlea, Latonya Kitchin, Eoin O’ Neill, Cian Hegarty, Matthew Cooke, Aurelia Glodasik, Linasik Tarnauskas

Third Year

Emma Beretska, Callum Murphy, Aoife Corrigan, Olamide Sanni, Cian Doyle Murphy, Igor Rosengart, Donnachadh O’ Donoghue Cronin.

Fourth Year

Alisha Akinola, Benedict Cooke, Donagh Owen O’Connell, Eseosa Osagborue Osayawe, Mark Moloney, Grace Gomez, Dennis Ezemba

Fifth Year

Rachel Abiodun, James Gill, Emily Ramsamy Guerin, Rafael Da Rosa De Oliveira, Jewel Odunbaku

Melanie Horgan, Caoilfhinn Dunne, Laura Dineen

Sixth Year

Charlie Fitzgerald, Emma Kelly, Mabel Facos, Céilie Onyemekeihia, David O’ Connor, Roisín Murphy, Kerri Finnegan

Academic Achievement Awards

1. Junior Irish Award 2024

Amy O’Leary

2. Senior Irish Award 2024

Keila Fleming

3. Gaelcholáiste Award

Finian Carey

4. Junior Maths Award 2024

Daniel Brennan

5. Senior Maths Award 2024

Patrick Syms

6. Junior Music Award 2024

Lillian McCarthy

7. Senior Music Award 2024

Saoirse Murray

8. Junior Art Award 2024

Mariana Silva

9. Senior Art Award 2024

Erin O’Callaghan

10. Junior History Award 2024

Oskars Lietins

11. Senior History Award 2024

Mingaile Lukosiute

12. Junior Geography Award 2024

Caraiosa Foley

13. Senior Geography Award 2024

Balint Gaspar

14. Junior French Award 2024

Sean Byrne

15. Senior French Award 2024

Vakare Visalgaite

16. Junior German Award 2024

Alexandra Postolache

17. Senior German Award 2024

Carrie Lehane

18. Junior Engineering Award 2024

Martins Martinez Sarapuu

19. Senior Engineering Award 2024

Fionn Breen

20. Junior Wood Technology 2024

Aaron Forde

21. Senior Construction Award 2024

Sophie Jones

22. Junior Graphics Award 2024

Emma Berestka

23. Senior DCG Award 2024

Robbie Willis

24. Junior Business Award 2024

Fintan Mannion

25. Senior Business Award 2024

Princess Kadiri

26. Accounting Award 2024

Patrick Syms

27. Economics Award 2024

Ava Howell

28. LCVP Award

Shauna Lynch

29. Junior Science Award 2024

Daniel Brennan

30. Biology Award 2024

Patricia Januszkiewicz

31. Ag. Science Award 2024

Aileen Kelleher

32. Home Economic Award 2024

Cassidy O’Mahony

33. Social &Scientific Award 2024

Hannah Creedon

34. Principal’s Award 2024

Cormac Shanahan

Saoirse Murray

35. Junior English Award 2024

Lachlan O’Leary

36. Senior English Award 2024

Killian Lucey

37. Applied Maths Award 2024

Cedric Anago

38. Chemistry Award 2024

Norah McGlynn

39. Physics Award 2024

Dylan Crawshaw

40. Junior PE

Olaf Glodasik

41. Senior PE

Owen Okeigbeme

Sports Awards

Junior boys’ soccer – Shay McCarthy

o Senior boys’ soccer – Donnacha Barrett

o Junior girls’ soccer – Charlize O’ Driscoll

o Senior girls’ soccer – Leah Wallace

o Junior girls’ basketball – Rachel O’ Donoghue

o Senior girls’ basketball – Jade Lynch & Kate Walsh

o Junior boys’ basketball – Abdul Hamdi

o Senior boys’ basketball – Samuel Faria

o Junior hurling – Cian O’Flynn

o Senior hurling – Bobby Deane

o Junior boys’ football – Mark Lucey

o Senior boys’ football – Daithí o’Brien

o Senior boys’ rugby – Noah Hurley

o Senior boys’ volleyball – Matas Mazeika

Special Achievement Awards- Senior All Ireland Winning Volleyball Team

Matas Mazeika, Oliwier Witkowski, Maksymillan Pietrzak, Rafael Da Rosa De Oliveira, Somto Azubuike, Mikolaj Perzyna, Conor Barry, Paul Ayodele, Peter Ayodele, Eliezer Amundala, Julius Fakeye, Caleb Anago, Seth Mthembu, Vuyo Ndlovu, Aironas Duseika, Devon Essen, Nikita Kotlyan, Patrick Kieszkowski, Josh Mebiradu and Leon Atanda;

Special Recognition Award - €13800 raised for Hope Foundation

Liam Healy, Donagh O’Connell, Amanda Grisolia Chavez, Darragh Cronin, o Lily O Connell

UCC Plus Awards

Gaeilge: Sebastian Gach, Believe Osa Eguavoen

Maths: Casey Collins, Zakhar Shkurko

English: Grace Iradukunda, Vakare Narmontaite

European Languages: Justin Jis, Lena Oskwarek

Past Pupil Award

Baromie Fullah

Mallow Credit Union Award

Leah Wallace

Principal’s Award

Cormac Shanahan and Saoirse Murray

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