Sept. 2022 Return to School Information

Sept. 2022 Return to School Information

Dear Parent/Guardian

please see the information below for this coming September 2022. Access to your son/daughter's summer results is through VS Ware. This can be accessed via the VS Ware App or on a laptop/desktop through the link at the top of the home page of this website. This information has also been posted to you.

Medicines Letter.pdf

Calendar 2022-23 Parents.pdf

Expenses 22-23.pdf

Instructions for paying bills on.pdf

Home School Community Liaison.pdf - personnel changes

New Assessment Model.pdf - exams times changing

School App.pdf

PE Uniform.pdf - how to purchase the PE Uniform

Oct 09
JCT Inservice
Oct 10
3rd Year Parent Teacher Meeting 4.15-6.30
Oct 19
5th Year Parent Teacher Meeting 3.30-6.00
Oct 28
School Closure
Summerhill, Mallow, Co.Cork.
022 21173
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