State Exams

State Exams
Minimum requirements
1. You should be in the exam centre 30 minutes on the first day as you have to sign in etc. - 15 minutes every other day
2. If you are in a special centre you need to go to your main centre to sign in on the first day before the exam starts
3. Blue and black pen only - pencils for diagrams only - this is assist in online corrections
4. Make sure to fill in the front cover of your answer book - you will need your exam number and your date of birth and you will need to indicate subjects and levels
5. You can't leave in the last 10 minutes
6. Don't forget your calculator/set squares etc. for your Maths exams or any exam where you need it
7. School buses operate as normal in the morning and 30 minutes after the end of the latest exam in the afternoon.

Exam Timetables

Guide attached re absences etc. - applies to Leaving Cert Exams - there are no late exams in Junior Cert.

please see attached in relation to not being able to sit a Leaving Cert exam. This applies should there be a serious illness or a bereavement in the family and has been extended to include Covid. The addendum document sets out the general guidelines - what is essential is that the school is informed on or before the day - telling the State exams of the absence after the event is not acceptable. Repeat exams are from June 30th - July 6th. Hopefully this will not be an issue
Leaving Certificate candidates who only have nasal symptoms, such as a runny nose or a sneeze, but
otherwise feel well should attend for their examinations. This is in line with current HSE advice on
attending school which has been in place since February 2022-

If a candidate is absent for an examination(s) as they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, they
will be allowed to access the examinations for which they are absent in the deferred sitting. They will
be subject to a mandatory period of absence from the examinations. In implementing this absence
period, the SEC is taking a risk-based approach to managing Covid-19 in the examinations which is
broadly in line with public health advice, limiting the Covid-19 risks, and providing some certainty
about the duration of absences for candidates, schools and centres.
The mandatory absence period starts on the first day on which symptoms occur (day zero) and will
require the candidate to be absent from the examinations for the following 7-day period (including
weekends); so, 8 days in total. This means that a candidate will be unable to sit any examination
paper they were due to take on the day the symptoms occurs and any that they were due to take in
the following 7 days (i.e. 8 days in total).
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