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Class Based Assessments for 3rd Year students

In 2nd year and 3rd year, students complete Class based assessments (CBAs) which are tasks such as presentations, projects, collection of work etc. There are four potential grades, Yet to meet expectation, In line with Expectation, Above Expectation and Exceptional. These results will appear on the student's Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement. CBAs have been reduced to one instead of two due to disruption caused by Covid.

For more information on Class Based Assessments Class Based Assessments

School Exams




November Assessments For all students except TY

Tues. 22nd November

Friday 24th November

Christmas Assessments TY students only

TY Students will be given a Christmas report. All teachers will contribute to this. It can take the form of a grade or a comment and will be based on projects completed, a series of small exams etc.

Pre-Exams 3rd&6th

Mon 22nd January

Fri 2nd February

Spring Assessments 1st&5th Years

Mon. 4th March

Tues. 12th March

TY Assessments

13th May

22nd May

Summer Exams

1st/ 2nd/5th

Tues 28th May

Fri 31st May

All 2nd Year & 3rd Year CBAs will take place before Easter – Full CBA schedule to follow

Dec 08
School Closure
Dec 23
Christmas Holidays
Jan 08
School Reopens
Jan 16
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