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Access to the School Bus Service

1422022499_content_main.jpgDavis College has a bus service to the door of the school. Shuttle buses bring students from the town directly to the College and return them to the main square in the afternoon. Buses travelling to outlying areas are required to wait until all Davis College buses have arrived at the square.

Access to the school bus service is not automatic and has to be applied for each year. The application process has nothing to do with the school so families must apply directly to Bus Eireann. There are two types of ticket. There is the standard ticket which people who live in the catchment are are entitled to once they have applied on time and paid for. There is a waiver for medical card holders. The second ticket type is a concessionary ticket. This is a ticket that students who are not entitled to a ticket can apply for, e.g. someone who lives outside the catchment area of a school. The concessionary ticket is valid for one year and is granted if there is space on a bus coming to the school. Like the standard ticket, it needs to be applied for on an annual basis however unlike the standard ticket, it is not guaranteed and is not subject to a fee waiver due to having a medical card

The closing date for application each year varies but is usually in April/May. It is advisable to keep an eye on their website to ensure you do not miss the application date. A link to the website is provided below.

Bus Eireann will generally not operate during a status red weather warning or where operating a service would endanger the lives of young people. Please see below for more information on weather and Bus Eireann school services

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