New Junior Cycle

The New Junior Cycle

Junior-cycle.pngAll students are now involved in the new Junior Cycle. So what is new?

  1. The curriculum has changed a little bit in each subject
  2. Schools must offer students the opportunity to experience the 24 statements of learning
  3. Schools must encourage the development of 8 key skills
  4. Short Courses have been introduced. A short course is a subject that students study over the 3 years but instead of being assessed by an exam, they do a Class Based Assessment or CBA. A CBA can be a project, a presentation, an activity or event students organise etc. In most subjects CBA 1 is completed in second year with CBA 2 in third year. The result of these CBAs will be listed on the new style Junior Certificate which is now called a 'Junior Certificate Profile of Achievement' Click here to see a sample
  5. Classroom Based Assessments have been introduced for all subject that will be taken for exams as well. In most subjects there are two CBAs, one in second and one in third year
  6. For more general information on the New Junior Cycle
  7. New Junior Cycle grading system
  8. Parent Information Leaflet

Junior Cycle Subjects in Davis College

Davis College offers a very wide range of subject options to students in both junior and senior cycle. Students do four core subjects and they choose four optional subjects. These eight subjects are taken for exams in the Junior Certificate. In addition, students complete four short courses. These are taken over the three years and are assessed by completing a Class Based Assessment (CBA) in second year. A CBA is a project or assignment completed in class. The results of these will appear on the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement that students receive after the Junior Certificate.

Core Optional Short Courses






Religious Education






Home Economics



Technical Graphics

Business Studies

Digital Media & Communications




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